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The Fabrique group is a multidisciplinary communication and design agency .
Artists, engineers and storytellers working here with pleasure and passion on various assignments . We share a passion for developing new products and brands, always from the perspective of the market and the user. Sober and result-oriented, practical and purposeful, from bus stations to websites and from animation to sun blinds.

The public and industrial design branch consists of a number of departments, each with its own specialty:

Fabrique Invent focuses on innovative products for both the consumer and the professional market. Solutions to complex technical problems, innovative use of materials and techniques, clever ideas for seemingly unattainable challenges and patentable products.

Fabrique Public Design designs products for poeple, in their private home or in public. Consumer products and products for the public space. Realistic and timeless products, with the optimum balance between design, manufacturability, functionality and cost driven.

Fabrique Computer Graphics helps in telling stories and visions by presenting 3D images and animations. Products and processes Convincing and appealing , subdued or spectacular, interactive or narrative.

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In 2012 Fabrique celebrates its twentieth anniversary. Are you curious about the history of Fabrique, look at the corporate story.

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