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Would you like to discuss with us about a project or request a quote, of course that is possible. Please contact:

Fabrique public & industrial design
Frederik Matthesstraat 30
2613 ZZ Delft
+31(0)15 212 7758
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Fabrique is located at the beautiful and open Agnetapark near the center of the old town of Delft. The office is in the former and completely renovated Van Marken Villa. There is space to park free of charge and is within walking distance of the town center and the railway station. For more information or address description, please contact by phone or email.

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Would you like to meet us or one of our staff while enjoying a good cup of coffee one of our staff, you can find him or her at Our People and get in touch to meet eachother.

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Fabrique Public Design
René Bubberman
[email protected] of
0031 (0)15 212 7758

Fabrique Computer Graphics
Erwin Zwart
[email protected] of
0031 (0)15 214 1520

Fabrique Invent
Theo Wolters
[email protected] of
0031 (0)15 214 7440

Fabrique public & industrial design and the other departmens above make part of the Fabrique Group. Along with Fabrique [brands, design and interaction] we design and develop a wide range of products and services, and we are a leading design studio in the Netherlands and abroad since 1992.