The Ocean Cleanup unveils its North Sea prototype

Today the prototype for The Ocean Cleanup, the barrier has been unveiled.

Erwin Zwart, Fabrique Computer Graphics, has made several artist impressions earlier this year of the prototype. This prototype will be used to test durability in the extreme weather conditions of the North Sea. Two of The Ocean Cleanup’s main partners, the Dutch government, and world-renowned dredging and marine contractor Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V., were represented at the unveiling.

The Prototype is a 100 meter long barrier segment that represents the barrier to be used in the Pacific Ocean for the cleanup of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. To collect data, sensors are used to track every movement. The test is realistic. In the North Sea the conditions are harsher than in the Pacific Ocean. The test will not be for collecting garbage, although some will be caught.

First sea trial of Ocean Cleanup system to be deployed this week. In 2017 the pilot for the Pacific Ocean is scheduled for deploy and full scale during 2020.

Artist impression

Prototype Ocean Cleanup

Artist impression

Prototype Ocean Cleanup

Artist impression

Prototype Ocean Cleanup

Artist impression

Prototype Ocean Cleanup

Bike Lift Jack, vertical bike parking

The sympathetic solution for safe, convenient and space-saving vertical bicycle parking is called Jack. This vertical bicycle lift was developed for and in cooperation with Stiels.

The Jack is very suitable for small and relatively small areas such as garages, parking garages, retail and neighbourhood facilities. Mounted on the wall or free standing on a special mounting frame.
Saving space (over 40% savings relative to horizontal stables) and retractable.
No effort required, suitable for all ages and also suitable for almost all bikes. Installation is simple and requires little maintenance.

In public shelters where spaces are too low for dual bike parking, Jack vertical bike parking is an excellent solution. By making existing spaces accessible for bicycle parking it reduces the space that parked bicycles use in public spaces.

Business can be part of a corporate bike program for company bicycles, but also for bike shops (more bikes in the store), public transport bicycles, neighbourhood garages and bicycle cellars in apartment complexes.

And at home the Jack is saving space. All bikes on the wall: minimum space requirement never move other bikes to get your own, easy for young and old.

Jack Bike Lift

Jack Bike Lift

Jack Bike Lift

Jack Bike Lift

Jack Bike Lift

Jack Bike Lift

Jack Bike Lift

Jack Bike Lift

Experience Day – Delft on Stage

A look behind the scenes of an industrial design agency

Yesterday students of different VMBO schools in Delft ‘s visited Fabrique Public & Industrial Design to take a look behind the scenes of an industrial design agency.
These students have seen as much as possible what we do on a day and what kind of products we design.
We challenged the students to design a product during this day and to use their creativity and have fun.

We hope they have enthusiasm for this profession and maybe we see them again in a few years as a trainee or colleague!
Thanx to Delft on Stage for making this experience day happen

Experience day_on_stage_Fabrique_2016_01

Experience day_on_stage_Fabrique_2016_02

Experience day_on_stage_Fabrique_2016_03

Kiosko, a public toilet & kiosk combined

Kiosko & Aseo, Kiosk & Toilet

The Kiosko was developed for the Spanish market. SaniTronics commissioned Fabrique Public Design to design this combination and to create a presentation film. In Spain, this combination of a kiosk with a self-cleaning public toilet SaniTronics, was well received. For the Dutch market we see also opportunities. The exterior of the design can be fully implemented as required. Public toilets are desirable in many locations, especially along the crowded beaches. The user particularly wants a clean and dry toilet. This public toilet from Sanitronics is therefore far ahead of many other toilets. After each use, the toilet is cleaned fully automatically, leaving a clean and dry floor behind. For the user this creates a very hygienic and comfortable toilet. The technical cleaning system of this kiosk toilet is shown in the following Vimeo animation.

According to the wishes this toilet can be fitted out for the disabled and it is ready for baby care. Several payment options are available including the latest digital technology paying systems. colors and size of the toilet can be changed if required as wel as for the kiosk.

The Kiosko is a beautiful combination of two public functions. Integrating them into one building means less clutter on the street and it has a social control function. In the Netherlands, this combination will not be out of place and the expectation is that it will be more visible on the streets in the future.

Kiosko by SaniTronics & Fabrique from Fabrique 3D on Vimeo.

Kiosk Toilet Orange Animation

Toilet Kiosk Orange Animation 26-01-2016.3058

Kiosko Aseo Green people

Aseo Kiosko Green poeple back

Kiosk in environmentg

Toilet Night

SAN-SK-Kiosk Orange Animation

Sanitrinics Animation


See more at:

Boxkit, a modular bodywork for company cars

Boxkit, a lightweight bodywork for commercial vehicles

Fabrique Industrial & Public Design has developed The Boxkit for the bodywork industry commissioned by Value & More. It is a lightweight body structure, with in particular, it has very short assembly and that is a big money saver. Thanks to the modularity of the Boxkit and the ability to get the panels largely supplied pre-assembled, the assembly time is very short. A unique solution for the bodywork industry where margins are low and the personnel costs high. Therefore the Boxkit brings renewal and innovation in this market. The repair friendliness of the Boxkit is a part of this as well. The time that a commercial vehicle with bodywork in damage needs to be in the bodywork shop is very short.
Boxkit is brought to the market by the company Just Drive. Sales, installation and maintenance are available from one source. The modularity and compatibility of components also ensure a very competitive pricing.

Some features and options of the Boxkit:
– Valance, sidelights, fenders
– Aluminium subframe with with cross beams
– Illuminating roof
– Interior with bar-to-bar finished
– 1 row of cargo rail along the side walls
– Tail-lift with 750 kg capacity and aluminum platform
– Side door with step
– In various sizes and customable sizes

Link to Just Drive
Link to

Boxkit Fabrique Industrial Design

Boxkit 3DFabrique

Boxkit Fabrique3d

Boxkit Fabrique Design

Fabrique automotive Design Boxkit

The Ocean Cleanup Visuals Worldwide in the news

The ocean cleanup

In October 2012 one of the organizers of TEDxDelft, Jeroen van Erp, also founder and creative director of Fabrique [brands, design and interaction], introduced Boyan Slat. Boyan needed visualisation of his concept sketches for his TEDx talk.
The resulting pictures were also used prominently on the first phase Ocean Cleanup website and were duplicated in many papers, magazines and ofcourse everywhere on the internet.
For the presentation of the Feasibility Report in New York on June 3rd new visuals were needed and also moving camera shots for television news items.
Those was broadcast on the day of the report reveal speech in NY on all the Dutch public and commercial station news programs and the pictures can be found on many websites and ofcourse on

Fabrique Computer Graphics The Ocean Cleanup1

The Ocean Cleanup 1

Fabrique Computer Graphics The Ocean Cleanup2

The Ocean Cleanup 2

Fabrique Computer Graphics The Ocean Cleanup 3

The Ocean Cleanup 3

New train station Delft opened

The new central station of Delft opened

Last Saturday, the new train station of Delft is delivered. This building, designed by the Delft architectural firm Mecanoo, has become a dignified entrance to the city. Its residents and businesses should be proud. Fabrique is proud with this new welcoming landmark in the city. The reason is simple, many products designed by Fabrique Public Design are visible is many stations in the Netherlands and now also in Delft. Visiting Fabrique Public & Industrial Design by public transport is therefor recommended. Fabrique designed many objects and furniture for NS and ProRail in recent years, from the benches and litterbins to all signage and real time information systems and thus you can also consider the station as the showroom of Fabrique.

New underground train station platform Delft

New underground train station platform Delft

New Abri’s The Hague, Delft, Westland & Midden-Delfland

New bus shelters for The Hague, Delft, Westland and Central-Delfland

The Hague municipality Haaglanden will replace the existing shelters in the cities of The Hague, Delft, Westland and Central-Delfland. New bus shelters in total, more than 1,100 shelters and more than 7 kilometers fences are going to be placed.

In the past 30 years it was customary for the investment, management and maintenance and advertising exploitation which are specialized in outdoor advertising companies (such as JCDecaux, Exterion Media, Clear Channel) was done. However Haaglanden strikes a new path: the shelters will be purchased by Haaglanden. After placement of the shelters Haaglanden will start the procurement process for the complete management and maintenance and advertising operations.

Fabrique has designed new furniture commissioned by Haaglanden. The Belgium company Epsilon-Signs will produce this furniture. It is a timeless design that both in the center of The Hague, in front of the offices of Fabrique in Delft and at the auction in Naaldwijk will do well. The shelters are very transparent, a special print is added to the roof so the sun shades will show the forms of Hague “Reiguhrs” Delftstse “Oude Jannetjes” and buses and trams on the platform and on the shelters.
There is both a standard model developed as a model that will fit the R-Net formula, with the red mohawk.
The stops are modular and designed for efficient repair and maintenance.

As of October 2014, the new stations will be placed, it is expected that this mega job was completed in June next year.







Bus stations Oude-Tonge and Heijenoord are opened

Donderdagochtend 1 maart 2012 opende gedeputeerde Ingrid de Bondt het nieuwe busstation Oude-Tonge op de Stationsweg. Daarmee is ook de opening van het busstation Heinenoord een feit. Beide stations beschikken over de modernste reizigersinformatie; electronische displays met de meest actuele vertrektijden.

Fabrique ontwierp in opdracht van de provincie Zuid-Holland nieuwe busstations voor Oude-Tonge en Heinenoord.

De oude busstations, gebouwd in de jaren ’80, voldeden niet meer aan de eisen die de provincie aan kwalitatief goed openbaar vervoer stelt. Dit is voor de provincie aanleiding geweest om de beide busstations grondig aan te pakken. In het afgelopen jaar is busstation Heinenoord grootschalig gerenoveerd en het busstation in Oude-Tonge is zelfs helemaal vernieuwd. Hiermee is een impuls gegeven aan de verdere ontwikkeling van het openbaar vervoer in de regio.

Het busstation in Heinenoord is transparanter geworden. De oude stenen voorkant is gesloopt. Daar is een glazen gevel voor teruggekomen. Ook is het busstation veel toegankelijker geworden, voor mensen met een rolstoel of een visuele handicap. Op de busperrons zijn geleidelijnen aangebracht. Dat zijn aaneengeschakelde geribbelde tegels. In de geleidelijnen liggen op diverse plaatsen zogenaamde klanktegels.