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This blog page shows the latest developments and projects Fabrique.

Fabrique Public & Industrial Design Blog

Fabrique Public and Industrial Designis a design agency located in Delft.
Together with Fabrique [Merken, design en interactie] it forms the Fabrique group. a Multidisciplinairy design agency, strong in the development of products, brands and media. The Fabrique group has offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and two offices in Delft.
Fabrique Public and Industrial Design is located in Delft at the Agnetapark in the Van Marken Villa. Very near the historic center of Delft. Here are the departments Fabrique Invent, Computer Graphics and Public Design. Simply explained these departments develop 3D products .

Farbique Public & Industrial Design has its own website with its projects and products and news blog. To be found on and
The products and projects developed here can best be described as smart, timeless, functional and often optimized to the maximum. Our clients include multinational corporations, government and small and medium size businesses.

The assignments range from fully developing products from concept to implementation, but can also be limited to a part of the development . Project management is a growing part of the business of Fabrique. Thus, the expertise of Fabrique and especially Rene Bubberman is increasingly involved in major European public procurement projects . Especially in the procurement of public goods and public functions. Other expertises Fabrique are in the lighting and illumination, and in particular the application of LED lighting . And a special expertise of Fabrique has Farique Computer Graphics. This section of owner Erwin Zwart is exceptionally good at making 3D animations and images, often very realistic like displaying complex production processes. Often needed where a prototype of a product costs a lot of money, or simply because it would otherwis be impossible to show the functional proces of a product.